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Solving Challenges in modern supply chains

DL Freight creates a shared truth between shippers and carriers, helping to reduce disputes, payment errors and the reliance on 3rd party auditing firms. Manual invoice verification is no longer required, this notoriously imprecise and tedious task is now automated and error-free. The result is substantial freight cost savings and significantly improved shipper-carrier relationships.


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Transform your Freight Invoicing

DL Freight is a reconciliation-free invoice and payment solution that provides unparalleled transparency into your supply chain. The system consolidates and automates the invoice generation process, providing an accessible single source of truth for all transaction data, thereby creating a unique level of trust between all members of the supply chain.


Features & Capabilities

Reconciliation free invoicing

Invoices are created during transportation. Upon completion, the invoice is populated with accurate information, automatically approved and payment ready.

Freight network visibility

Freight network visibility enables better route planning, live corrective actions and the optimization of LTL & FTL planning.

Immediate cost reduction

A reconciliation-free system doesn’t require 3rd party freight audit and reduces spending via our QuickPay integration to carrier payment.

Dispute reduction

A single source of verifiable truth is accessible to shippers and carriers.

Improved operational planning

Eliminate data duplication and receive early alerts to missing information.

Proof of Delivery

Upon shipment completion, a POD is automatically generated and sent to the shipper for validation.

Quick Deployment

Platform integration and deployment within 30 days, regardless of size.

Faster Decision Making

Instant alerts notify of any potential disruptions, allowing proactive, or in-situation corrective action.


Business logic and smart contracts enable the automation of previously manual processes and workflows.

Shared Ledger

Real-time data access and sharing between authorized parties allows full transparency into items such as transport and fuel rates.

Invoice Generation

Invoices are created and populated in real time, including any accessorial charges incurred during transportation.

IOT & Index Integration

Real-time IoT information and fuel & tax indices provides impartial shipment data, easily integrated with BI tools.


Introducing DL Freight 2.0

DL Freight 2.0 is the next iteration of the award-winning no-code/low code platform, DL Freight. The significant system upgrades cater to the seismic shifts in demand and resulting complexity of the supply chain and logistics industry, worldwide.

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Watch DL Freight in action!

Narrated by Pete Govanlock, our VP Freight, this short video details how the DL Freight solution creates invoices in real-time.

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Hear from our Clients

The biggest improvement for us is the reduction of manual work in resolving disputes. The cost and the waste associated with chasing dispute resolution has come down dramatically – from 70% to now under 2%... helping to save millions of dollars in waste.

John Bayliss

SVP Logistics & Supply Chain
The benefit that we are seeing with DL Freight that we would not see with other technologies is that the system is so automated that there is essentially one source of truth for rates that both Walmart and Bison can access. That results in a lot less disputes. It means that we get payment quicker. It means there is less manual time working with Bison and Walmart resolving those disputes. Generally, transactions and payments flow much quicker.

Rod Hendrickson

VP Finance and Administration
I would really love to see the industry and other companies adopt DL Freight as their standard and the reason is simple: It creates a lot of efficiencies and it simplifies billing and payment process.

Alex Fu



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