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Dynamic end-to-end Direct Store Delivery Platform

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Industry Challenges

Direct Store Delivery (DSD), a key retail distribution strategy to enable On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) product availability, is widely accepted as a win-win proposition for retailers and suppliers. However, DSD remains a complex strategy to execute. The lack of right tools and technology combined with the numerous moving parts of scheduling, load variance, multiple stops and stock availability make this a challenging problem to solve.

We saw this problem and applied an entirely different set of thinking to the issue. The result is the world’s most advanced Direct Store Delivery platform, DL DSD.



DL DSD is a distributed network of retailers and suppliers, simplifying the adoption of the Direct Store Delivery Model, reducing product substitution and accelerating time to shelf. The self-learning platform enables end-to-end visibility for suppliers and retail store managers, providing an intuitive experience, in-built smart logic, real-time insights, and notifications.

Featured Benefits

Key Benefits

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Reduced operating costs

DL DSD eliminates the need for warehouses or intermediaries, bringing down distribution costs. DL DSD enhances the operational efficiency of your supply chain and significantly reduces distribution costs, inventory spoilage, and intermediary steps to the point of sale. Our transparent and optimized scheduler with automated workflows ensures staff productivity is maximized and labor effort is not stretched. With DL DSD, you can mitigate risks of shipment returns and losses to perishable goods by ensuring minimal time-to-shelf.

Minimal wait time at stores

DL DSD prioritizes deliveries to ensure products are received at the best possible time with minimal wait times. The time allocation model leverages in-built smart logic to prioritize, sequence and suggest optimal times for delivery based on store activities to ensure the number of deliveries in any given window is consumable without overloading the receiving associates, thereby avoiding delays in unloading and stocking of goods.

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Shorter time-to-shelf store level

Transparency on shipment and predictability of delivery times ensures readiness to receive products and a faster time-to-shelf. Have your products stocked at the store level efficiently and in time to meet customer demand. Apart from the proper sequencing of deliveries, time-to-shelf is minimized by accelerated check-ins. Store receivers can stay abreast of details such as shipment commodity type and supplier/merchandiser details. Further, they can easily check in the delivery by adding information like personal details, time of arrival and departure.

Reduced product and store substitutions due to unavailability

Improving product availability through On-Time-In-Full delivery is no easy task. DL DSD enables demand forecasting and inventory tracking, thereby reducing the need for substitutes. Prioritize purchase orders and deliveries as trends change by creating an informative supply chain. With key product and delivery insights, and smart tracking, suppliers and merchandisers can ensure product availability, thereby retaining control of critical parameters such as shelf space, product placement and sales opportunities.

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Intelligently optimized delivery schedules

The dynamic scheduler puts your struggles with complex excel sheets and email-based coordination for distribution to rest. Just upload your schedule to the platform. An optimization, prioritization and sequencing logic will deliver a schedule based on the delivery activity at the retailer site. The scheduler is easy to use with a simple calendar view which can be accessed on desktop, web, and mobile devices.

Continuous process learning and improvement

DL DSD activates continuous process learning and improvement using the power of Blockchain, AI and ML. The self-learning engine leverages behavioral and historical data to predict delivery, inventory and customer demands with increasing accuracy over time.

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Prediction and forecasting models for deliveries

The DL DSD platform captures and analyzes historical and real-time data on current orders, shipments, inventory, promotion plans and operational constraints to create forecasting models. Validate data points with the integrated IoT data and leverage the platform’s machine learning capabilities to predict and recommend future delivery times with increasing accuracy. The platform’s data visualization tool allows users to internalize key insights in seconds.

Increased communication between suppliers and retailers

The DL DSD platform streamlines complete information flow and facilitates collaboration on orders, deliveries, inventory, and shelf space management between suppliers and retailers. The platform equips all parties with easy access to supplier and shipment information with a calendar view, and the platform provides several tools to ensure transparency at both ends of the supply chain.

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For the complete list of features and benefits of DL DSD, download our brochure.

Direct Store Delivery and its impact on supply chain industry

It’s commonly understood for businesses that operate in the distribution and sale of CPGs (Consumer Packaged Goods) that cutting supply chain costs has a significantly positive impact on the bottom line. In the case of DSD, unlike other less obvious cost-saving distribution strategies, this approach seemed like a slam dunk for savings, and it is, depending on who you are in the supply chain.

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World’s leading suppliers are using DL DSD today



Key Benefits

Business channel network powered by distributed ledger technology

Fast go-live and easy adoption with a network of suppliers and retailers who are already onboard the platform.

Bank Grade Security

Technology that protects your data & ensures regulatory compliance.

Self-Serve Portal

Self-service portal with an intuitive experience, designed for business teams to reduce reliance on IT teams.

Web, Mobile and Dekstop App

Access information anytime, anywhere, across any web or mobile device.

Real-time dashboard and analytics

Easy-to-use click-through dashboards that provide actionable intelligence in real-time.

Immutable Audit logs

Tamper-proof user and data logs across the system for audits.

Out-of-the-box integration with legacy enterprise sytems

Accelerate data readiness with connectors to legacy systems like Mainframes, Oracle, SAP, etc..

Integration Hub - API,EDI % SFTP Integration

Easy integration to any data system allows for easy aggregation of data.

Ecofriendly Dark Mode

Save energy consumed using the dark mode for the portal and app.


Multilingual support including English, Spanish and French.


Business Cast

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